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    Considering a person spends up to a third of their life in the bedroom, the organization and quality of the sleeping space are vital. In a dream, every cell of the human body accumulates energy and vitality, so no wonder they say healthy sleep is a prerequisite for good health, high performance, and active brain activity. Only a perfect bed can provide all this. But what makes a sleeping space rank among the best of the best?


    The best bed to sleep in is the result of many conditions

    Many medical professionals are absolutely convinced uncomfortable bed frames are the cause of most back-related illnesses.

    Therefore, buying a good full-size bed frame means making an investment in your future health, and this aspect of the purchase is very vital as a comfortable and anatomically correct bed is quite expensive. So which bed is best? How does one choose a good bed, so as not to regret the money spent on buying a furnishing that will serve them for many years and that will eventually pay off more than once by providing good health and mood? Which is better to buy – a king-size bed frame or should you choose a queen-size bed frame?

    Bed style

    A good bed should suit the interior. And LED-beds do it best of all. Of course, the bed style does not affect its strength and sleep comfort, but since a person's mood is highly dependent on their surroundings, one should not forget the bed's appearance.

    Moreover, a bed is constantly used as an original design element. Especially now with the fast development of technology allowing the use of light for this. For example, with lighting on the underside of the bed, you will never step on your pet in the dark, and you will not risk waking up the one who is sleeping beside you as well.

    We produce LED beds in a variety of styles. The online store ZTOZZ catalog provides a variety of twin-sized beds full bed frames and queen-size bed frames with LED undersides and backlighting, all comfortably controlled by remote control. If you like reading books in bed, order a bed frame with a headboard with built-in LED lights and eliminate the need for a table lamp.

    Bed frame

    When you choose a bed, you need to pay close attention to the quality and suitability of Bed frames, because the durability and stability of your place to sleep and rest depends on the strength of this element.

    High-quality beds never have a weak and wobbly frame. For example, a heavy but weak king-size platform bed is not only inconvenient for the user but also threatens to damage the entire structure within the first year of use.

    Since a mattress goes on top of the bed frame, it is important to make sure that the dimensions of these two elements match. If the mattress protrudes beyond the frame or, conversely, there is free space between the frame and the mattress, this is bad. This can happen if you try to put a full bed frame mattress on a queen-size bed frame, or on a twin-size bed.

    The frame material is also especially important. The best beds tend to have solid wood or metal frames, although beds with a wicker frame are also strong enough to function well. Beds with a frame made of fiberboard and MDF are much less durable (while they are cheaper), so we try not to deal with them.

    Bed base

    In addition to the frame, the strength of the bed base is also particularly important. It is a structure with jumpers, which fits on the platform bed frame, and, in turn, supports the mattress. The standard double bed must have at least thirty jumpers, and a single bed must have at least fifteen.

    The distance between the jumpers should not be equal to the width of the frame. We are sure that for choosing the best bed, you must rely on the total number of jumpers (the more, the better). In addition to the modern bed base, there are also old-school options with the use of metal meshes or gratings. Ideally, it is best to refuse them. You will not find these in our online store – any platform bed frame you may find in the ZTOZZ catalog fully complies with current standards not only in terms of material quality used but also in quality, thought-out design.

    If you want to save on available space, you can also choose a bed with a lifting mechanism, or vice versa, choose a bed with storage, with ample space to store a wide range of items. It is the choice of the customer whether the bed base is better or whether they need the bed frame storage – but remember that the mattress must be well ventilated, and if that base does not allow it, the bed deteriorates faster.

    Sizes and volumes of the bed

    When you choose a bed, it is reasonable to pay close attention to its dimensions. There are several important nuances here:

    1. If the seller talks about standard sizes, be sure to specify what numbers they’re referencing. Not everyone has the same definitions for specific terms such as "queen-size", "full-size", "king-size", "twin-size".
    2. If you need to save space in the room, buying a narrow bed is not necessary. Save instead by omitting wardrobes and dressers – a platform bed with storage does it fine.
    3. Please notice the bed dimensions always mean the width and length of the user, not the bed.
    4. The length of the berth usually varies from 190 to 200 cm for standard versions, uncommonly you can also find a bed up to 220 cm long. If you want the bed to better suit you, you must order a full-size bed platform according to individual sizes. To determine optimal length, take your height and add 15 cm to it – this should be the minimum length of "your" bed.
    5. To determine which bed width is best for you, lie on the bed and fold your arms behind your head. Elbows should not go beyond the berth’s edges. If you have wide shoulders and long arms, then choosing a king-size bed platform is better, especially if the bed is shared.
    6. When choosing a bed by height, keep in mind that a low-profile bed is suitable only for younger people. The older a person is, the more relevant a higher profile bed becomes for them (ideally, the upper edge of the mattress should not be lower than the knees of the person who is going to sleep on it).
    7. When choosing between two different dimensions, for example, between a twin-size bed frame and a king-size bed frame, always choose the larger option (if, of course, it fits in the bedroom without obstructing other furnishings and movement freedom).


    Since the bed frame and base provide bed strength, the first purpose of a good mattress is to ensure comfort while you sleep. We have mattresses of various firmness degrees and choose neither an ultra-firm nor an ultra-soft model, but a moderate mix of firmness and softness mattress model.

    Many people consider the ideal Latex orthopedic mattresses that follow the human body shape. But, pay attention to its filler as some include harmful materials, while in the ZTOZZ online store, you may find environmentally-friendly models.

    A collection of important trivial things

    When you choose the best bed for your bedroom, you should consider not only its design but also the features it provides, such as LED lighting. Frame, base, and mattress dimensions are all little petty things that one must pay attention to when installing this furniture piece.

    For example, the platform bed with storage should not interfere with windows opening, as well as it should allow the free use of drawers and case doors, cabinets, and dressers.

    There must be at least 70 cm between the wall and the side of the bed so you can go to your berth, change clothes, make the bed, and easily clean. Agreement with these rules, coupled with a high-quality strong bed made of the best materials, make it productive, and as useful, and enjoyable as possible.

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