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Sobre nosotros

Quiénes somos

Ztozz fue fundada en 2015 por Alex Nikitin y un equipo dedicado con más de 75 años de experiencia total en las industrias del mueble y el comercio electrónico.

Nuestra misión

Nuestro principal objetivo es proporcionar la calidad absoluta de muebles de diseño a precios asequibles. Escuchar a los clientes y anteponer sus necesidades es la clave del éxito de Ztozz.

Todo es importante

Tenemos el control completo del diseño, la producción y el servicio postventa, incluyendo la entrega propia y el servicio de atención al cliente en los Estados Unidos.

Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
1401 Green Rd., Suite I, Pompano Beach, FL 33064
754 2537949

Welcome to ZTOZZ!

You will find any type of furniture you could need to equip your home in our store. We are sure this is important because a home is not just protection from the cold, heat, wind, and precipitation. A house is a special place where residents raise and educate their children, relax, communicate, and have fun after work. Therefore, everyone wishes to furnish their home in such a way that best suits the appointment of each room and the desired style. And to solve this problem, you should not rely on cheap furniture stores close to you.

There is furniture that really reflects the character and characteristics of the people living with them, among the many things which furnish houses. Every little thing matters, from the style of the chairs to the coffee table color, or bed material. If something in the furniture does not fully suit the character of the one who lives in this room, then a feeling of dissatisfaction and discomfort will inevitably appear.

If you are tired of fruitless searches, when you bypass all the other furniture stores near you, We will be happy to offer a solution you will love! By contacting us, you can choose any kind of furniture that will organically fit into the interior of any room in your home. You do not need to use other online furniture stores, since ZTOZZ is not an ordinary trading company, but a place where, in addition to quality items, you always get excellent service.

We constantly study the demand of the market. We are attentive to the needs of potential product buyers, as well. New products regularly replenish our catalog - while, the development team works hard to improve the design of existing models to create a completely new modern furniture. You can find accurate matches for your taste in each category. And if you are looking for something original, we offer such pieces of furniture with pleasure. They will surely become great discoveries for you.

ZTOZZ is a furniture store that also stocks furniture for the home office, doctor's office, or lawyer's office, and other uses. All you need to do is browse the catalog and choose from a wide range of quality selections. We update and expand it constantly.

The item selection for every room of the house is an arduous task, and such premises require the most consideration:

  • Living room.
  • Dining room.
  • Bedroom.


Buying furniture: living room

The living room is the room in which a person spends most of their time while awake. This makes the furniture search for a living room an especially important task. The living room needs to be attractive and comfortable. It also requires finding the optimal balance between the number and size of the objects, and the area intended for them.

We hold an impressive variety of living room designs, from traditional styles to LED furnishings which include contemporary designs with various shades of light. Very few modern furniture stores offer such bold solutions.

The most popular among buyers are:

  • Various designs of Sofas.
  • Full-size and side tables.
  • Coffee tables in unique styles and materials.
  • Custom design Chairs.
  • Bookcases with 4 to 16 cells.
  • TV stands, including ones with drawers, shelves, and even an electric fireplace.
  • Stools of diverse shapes and styles to rest your feet on while watching a movie and or reading a book.

If you do not want to continue to spend your own time looking for furniture that suits your desired style, you don’t need to do furniture shopping in simple shops – you can instead choose a suitable product in the online furniture store just as well. Moreover, not every trade organization is able to offer the same assortment of items designed in the same style for the living room.


Bedroom furniture

Sometimes home furniture stores including bed stores offer bedroom products that look good but do not provide enough comfort. But if the living room is where a person rests psychologically, then the bedroom is a place in which the body gets physical rest. Therefore, bedroom furniture should be as comfortable as possible, especially the bed. And an online store of beds will not be enough to create a stylish bedroom, because creating a sleeping space is not only buying a bed, even a wonderfully comfortable bed.

There must be a small table near the bed so that you can put a book, clock, alarm clock, or just a way to turn on the light by turning on a small lamp. Without this, personal space will look poorly organized and will not provide the necessary qualities needed for relaxation. An excellent modern solution is a light bed or an LED bed.

ZTOZZ, like other good furniture stores, helps to create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, not only for adults but also for children. The catalog contains some dozen beds of diverse designs. The assortment of the store includes:


  • Traditional type beds, including a soft headboard.
  • Beds with built-in drawers and free storage space for sizable items.
  • Luxury beds of unique styles.
  • Children's beds, ordinary and combined with a desk, shelving, and storage space for toys.
  • Modern LED beds with various lighting options.
  • Bedside tables.


Not all luxury furniture stores offer such diversity. But our designers understand that comfort in the bedroom is especially important, so they invest all their experience in the development of furniture variants that fit perfectly into any space.


Dining room furniture

Finding the perfect dining room furniture is just as important as decorating your living room or bedroom.

When you purchase high-quality furniture from ZTOZZ, you can create an environment conducive to eating and relaxing in your home or office. Functional and modern models of tables, chairs, kitchen carts, and other interior items will not only provide comfortable conditions in the dining room but also decorate it, giving it a unique style. In fact, we are the nearest furniture store, which not only offers the opportunity to purchase unique interior items but also ensures that we dispatch your orders no later than 48 hours from the moment of purchase.

Highly qualified specialists have designed each product and made them from high-quality materials. In the catalog, you will find both furniture pieces and kits in assorted styles.

We focus on American buyers and we offer a solid American furniture store experience. Do you dream of turning your home into artwork? We are ready to help you! ZTOZZ has collected a professional team leveraging 75 years of experience in the furniture industry and e-commerce. We understand your challenges and know how to solve them!

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