Among all the types of furniture that fill a modern home, armchairs are one of the most popular items, without which to imagine the interior of a living room or any other room is difficult. When you sit in them, you relax after work, watch TV, listen to music, read books, or work. Therefore, such a versatile furniture piece as a modern armchair should be as comfortable as possible while also matching the room's design choices.

    Unlike many other things a person uses every day, purchasing a farmhouse armchair requires the same careful approach as buying a bed for the bedroom. Health depends on armchair features. Even a healthy person, after spending several hours in a beautiful but uncomfortable vintage armchair, will begin to feel discomfort and will experience lower back, back, or even neck pain.

    What our assortment includes

    ZTOZZ develops, manufactures, and independently sells modern furniture. Our goal is to provide the buyer with the opportunity to buy exceptionally high-quality products. By creating our products using innovative technologies we are able to fully comply with modern market trends and demands and offer furniture items that have, among other things, style and function.

    That is why the assortment of our online store includes many LED beds and other products in which we actively use light as a design element. You can give the room the desired atmosphere, shift the accents in the right direction, and provide high-quality lighting by adjusting the brightness and color of the LED backlighting using a remote control. As for the armchairs, the number of models we produce can be compared with the number of beds and sofas, many of which, by the way, also have the now popular LED backlighting feature.

    We divide all armchairs into two main groups today:

    • Armchairs in the classic and traditional style.
    • Modern.

    Classic and traditional style

    Baroque and Rococo. Armchairs made in such styles are rich and eccentric. They are large, decorated with carved handles, elegant braid, gold and silver patterns, and other tasteful decorative elements. We use materials that look luxurious - this applies to both the frame and the cladding of the construction of our classic armchairs. We use mostly white, brown, and beige shades.

    Colonial. With this unique traditional style, products are outfitted in neutral colors and simple shapes. The armchairs are practical and durable. The overwhelming majority of these types of armchairs have a wooden frame - the cane armchair is one of the most typical models.

    Empire style. Products of this line are similar to those made in the Baroque style, but with a more restrained appearance. Their frame is made of natural wood while the color of the upholstery can vary greatly - from restrained tones to bright and defiant colors.

    Art Deco. With a wide back and a smooth transition of lines,  the comfortable design of this style of armchairs looks great in the same room as an LED bed. The color scheme is diverse, consisting of light, bright and neutral shades.  The armchairs are generally high profile, with low or tall legs made of natural wood. We use a variety of textures and fabrics as upholstery.

    Eastern boho. Saturation of colors, patterns and expressiveness - all of them are this style's distinctive features. Often, a bright patterned armchair is used as the main piece in the room, because it attracts attention, and stands out from the rest of the room with its bold declaration of colors. Fabrics with characteristic patterns are used as upholstery - exotic birds, ethnic motifs, etc.

    Contemporary armchair

    High tech. The main feature is the non-standard shape, and the use of chrome elements, accompanied by black, white, and gray tones. But if you want to use the armchair as an accent, choose brighter colors instead.

    Minimalism. Conciseness and simplicity are the major features of this style. A contemporary armchair, simple in shape and small in stature, usually serves an extremely practical function.

    Hygge. The plaid armchair organically fits into the room interior that is decorated in this style. A textured textile material is used as this style's upholstery.

    Shabby chic. A vintage armchair made in this style usually combines the Baroque, Rococo, and Provence styles.

    Sea style. Armchairs made in this style are largely ocean-themed, with a variety of unique colors, including white, blue, green, and brown shades.

    We divide products by purpose into the following categories:

    • Traditional large armchair. A large antique armchair that looks solid and stylish, so it is usually placed where it can be clearly seen.
    • The French country armchair, which combines soft upholstery with natural wood accents in its design.
    • Armchair bed, which folds out and turns into a full-fledged sleeping place. Such a dual-purpose armchair is a particularly good choice. There are various models in the catalog of our online store, including those whose transformative nature is well hidden.
    • Rocking armchair – this option is perfect for those who like to relax, including reading a book, knitting, or rocking a child. We use natural reed in the manufacture of some rocking chair models. For example the cane armchair, a very breathable and comfortable design even on the hottest summer days.
    • Outdoor armchair. If your living space has an open terrace or backyard, this furniture type would easily accommodate these spaces.
    • The tall armchair is a must-have if you plan to have a home bar. The unique atmosphere such furniture creates allows you to escape from your current worries and anxieties, even without leaving your home.

    You can find an armchair in any style among our product lines. We can offer our wide variety of tastes for our clients to match products. For example, for frame furniture lovers, we could recommend a Windsor armchair, as well as a rustic armchair. If you take pleasure in simple games of poker a lot, you could purchase a comfortable small armchair that can be easily carried over to the play table. But if you are used to having all the amenities of a modern armchair, a standard rolling armchair is ideal for you.

    We are an American company and focus on American customers. Therefore, all the products that you see in the ZTOZZ catalog online store are made according to American standards. We closely monitor the emergence of innovative technologies and try to use them to improve our products.


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